Here's What Your Lady Bits Are Supposed To Smell Like

"Is this normal?"

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Red or white?

Amazing NSFW Things People Have Witnessed in Public

Have you no shame?!

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C-Spot: How To Achieve A Mind Blowing Cervical Orgasm

We'r'e talking full body orgasms!

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Confessions of a Phone Entertainment Operator

What are you wearing?

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Painful Intercourse: What's Normal and What's NOT

When is it time to see the gyno?

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What brand do you use?

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Happy Friday?


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Things Women in Prison Use as Intimate Toys

While they might not be getting out anytime soon, it's not stopping them from getting off.

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Works like a charm.

One Lesson People Wish They Learned Earlier That Would Have Changed Their Game In Bed

We need an advanced class to teach us these things!

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Every. Time.

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Eh. More like 70:30?

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This needs to be on a shirt.

Women Share the Most Bizarre Things Men Have Ever Asked Them to Do in Bed

So. Much. Poo. I don't understand.

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What are you justifying this month?

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This kid is going places!

The Hottest Bits About Getting It On

Aside from getting off, of course…

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Guy Proposes To His GF And Surprises Her With A Dream Wedding the NEXT DAY

Would you say yes to a surprise wedding?

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Fancy pants over here!

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Well. It's true.

Insecurities Women Have That Guys Actually Love

Who knew they love these features?!

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Awkward Sexual Romps From Summer Camp

All those teens, all those hormones…

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Who wears pants at home?!

Health Class Horror: Tales of Sexual Misinformation

What happens when gamgam teaches teens about making whoopie.

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Drunk body, awesome mind.

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Confessions of a Craigslist Casual Encounters Addict

What the eff is wrong with people?!?!?

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Which flavor are you feeling right now?

The Worst Sexual Advice Ever Given to A Virgin

Don't take this advice!

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Share with your hot friends who complain about their looks.

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The Terrifying Consequences of Extreme Anal

You think you're into butt stuff? Think again.

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I regret nothing!

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Women Share the Ways Men Totally Creep Them Out

The worst part…they don't realize they are being creepy

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I leave it for the maid. I don't have a maid.